What is indoor gardening?

Credit: Images Indoor gardening can easily be defined as the creation of artificial garden indoors or inside the house. This type of farming is common with individuals living in apartments in cities or towns since they do not have enough space for creating a garden outdoors.  Indoor gardening is also practiced by individuals who want […]

Over view of gardening

A community garden can take many shapes and forms depending on the desired benefits and objectives as well as the available land. A community garden may be a place to grow plants, vegetables, herbs or flowers among the company of neighbors and friends. Neighborhood Gardens A neighborhood garden is a plot of land that a […]

Chiang Mai lawn care

Caring for your lawn means not just cutting it every so often, but like other plants in your garden it will need to be watered and fed regularly. So if you are someone whose lifestyle is somewhat hectic, using a Chiang Mai lawn care service may be the answer. Below we offer some reasons why […]

About Me

There was once a time when I would get up in the morning, go to work, come home, sit in front of the TV and then go to bed, before repeating the same thing, Monday to Friday. Then the weekends would come and I would just spend my whole weekend sat in front of the […]